iResist is a daily newslog (and Vlog) that aggregates all the political stories from the US, offering the most comprehensive and ‘searchable’ database of news stories covering the Donald Trump administration.

The stories are updated throughout the day. The goal of the site is to keep a track of news amid the confusion, chaos, uncertainty and distraction created by the Trump administration as I am working on a fictional novel around the changing political landscape.

The original project started on Google Docs for my private use, but soon I realized that it can be of use to those who want to keep an eye on the changing political scenario. So I am opening it up for everyone.

Here is how to use the site:

  1. I will be giving a summary of the news items and then provide lints to multiple sources so you can get different perspective
  2. Each story will be tagged under certain topics which allows you to read all the covered stories by topic; example – healthcare or climate change.
  3. I am a one man army and I need all the help I can get, so please feel free to suggest stories to use. There are multiple communication channels – Twitter, Facebook & Google +

Need your support

It’s my part time job, as I work as technology journalist. However maintaining the site does take up a lot of my time, so if you do like my work, feel free to donate to keep me going.

Be the resistant, you want to see in the world


~ Swapnil Bhartiya