Know the Resistance

The primary goal of iResist is to help the resistance in many different ways.

My first goal is to create a very neatly organized blog that monitors the activities of the Trump administration. It’s a handcrafted news aggregation blog that is updated regularly, throughout the day.

How does it help you?
All blog posts on iRests are tagged with appropriate topics so you can easily find all of the government’s activities by topic like immigration, tax returns, Russian ties, conflict of interest…and much more.

I am also planning to create a daily newsletter so that you can get all stories of the day in one post and email.

My second goal is to create a page to catalog all upcoming protests planned against the Trump administration. This will keep us motivated and also help in bringing more people to those protests.

My third goal is to aggregate news and blogs about how Democrat politicians are protesting the Trump administration.

However, iResist won’t succeed without your help so please join us on the social network and spread the word:

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iResist, so should you!

– Swapnil Bhartiya

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me (info at swapnilbhartiya dot com)